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Bomb Girls (2012-2013 + 2014)


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Track Title: Marco -- Episode 7

Artist: The Bomb Girls Beacon

Album: The Bomb Girls Beacon


Marco — Episode 7

Even though Bomb Girls focuses on the experiences of working women during World War II, Marco’s storyline is an important part of the series. His experience as an Italian man during the war parallel nicely with the female factory workers. We talk about the discrimination Marco faced, his “ladies’ man” status at the beginning of the series, and ultimately his becoming an ally to the Bomb Girls.


Drink Special: Red Wine

Italian Immigrant

  • Can’t enlist even though he wants to
  • Petawawa
  • Marco vs. Frank Di Carlo/Mahoney

Ladies’ Man

  • His defining characteristic as he’s introduced — quickly becomes toned down
  • Reaction to the discrimination he faces?
  • Affair with Lorna


  • Stands up for Lorna on a number of occasions — even after their affair has ended
  • Bad bomb incident
  • Dottie Shannon writes article about Lorna which leads to stockroom boys trying to put her in her place
  • Ally to Betty, Kate, Vera, and Gladys as well
  • Teaching Kate how to flirt with men
  • Comforting Vera when Carol tries to humiliate her


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Favorite Lesbian/Bi/Queer Characters: Bomb Girls - Betty McRae
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