Track Title: Kate -- Episode 4

Artist: The Bomb Girls Beacon

Album: The Bomb Girls Beacon


Kate — Episode 4

As a runaway from an abusive father, Kate is a new girl when she arrives at VicMu in more ways than one.  We discuss her strict religious upbringing, her passion for singing, and her relationship with Betty.

Kate Andrews

Drink Special: Gimlet

  • 2.5 oz. gin or vodka
  • 0.5 oz. lime cordial
  • 0.5 oz. fresh lime juice

Runaway / New Identity

  • Abusive father
  • Strict religious background
  • She is kind of like an Amish kid on rumspringa, trying out new things that she wasn’t allowed to before
  • Need for security papers leads to her doing cheesecake photos
  • Making up a new family when Ivan asks
  • How the war affects Kate’s storyline

The New Girl

  • Blends in fairly easily, has a much easier time than Gladys
  • Common “new girl-ness” helps form friendship between Kate & Gladys
  • Kind of acts as a guide to working class women for Gladys


  • Develops her singing through her relationship with Leon
  • “Before I used to sing to feel something. Now I feel something and then I sing.”
  • Exposure to jazz, blues, scat singing (!!! “Betty’s at the door” ❤) 
  • Burlesque act


  • Makes her question her religious beliefs, who she is as a person
  • Sally says: “What I don’t have a firm sense of is whether Kate honestly loves Ivan, or whether dating him was a reaction to Betty’s awkward advance and her own recoiling from it, informed by her religious upbringing. I got the sense also that Ivan was a rebound - not that Kate was rebounding from Betty, but that the whirlwind romance was part of her reaction to finally having thrown off her oppressive family and life.”

Relationship with Betty

  • “You don’t need everybody liking you — just the ones that matter.”
  • Did Kate really mean what she said when she left at the end of season 1? Or was she just paying lip service to her father?
  • Strong reaction to Betty kissing her
  • Tells Leon that the Bible judges Betty harshly 
  • Seems a bit jealous of Teresa
  • Loves Betty but does she love Betty?

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Track Title: Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy -- Episode 3

Artist: The Bomb Girls Beacon

Album: The Bomb Girls Beacon


Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy — Episode 3

Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy continues the stories of the characters we fell in love with in the series. In this episode, we talk about our reactions to the long awaited TV movie, and we discuss what Gladys, Lorna, Vera, Kate, Betty, and Marco have been up to.  SPOILERS AHEAD.

Gladys in Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy


  • Canadian Women’s Army Corps was established in 1941 so that women could take over many noncombatant roles in the military, such as cooks, mechanics, secretaries, vehicle drivers, and clerks. Over 21,000 women enlisted.
  • According to the Canadian War Museum, no members of CWAC were killed in action, though four were wounded in a German missile attack on Antwerp in 1945.
  • The CWAC was disbanded during the Korean conflict, reformed afterwards, and then disbanded for good in 1964 when women were integrated into the Canadian Armed Forces.

Gladys (and Jakob and spying and whatnot)

  • Gladys goes through love interests faster than Kris goes through Brita filters.
  • Pushing away Lorna — heartbreaking!


  • HOLY CRAP LORNA GOT FIRED — loved that scene
  • Lorna feeling like no one needs her anymore
  • We like that the movie really emphasized her relationship with Gladys.

Marco and Vera

  • WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!??!!??!??  (We are upset.)
  • Annie says it shows the realities of war by taking away one of the beloved characters the audience has grown to love.
  • But still, WHYYYYY!!! Especially since it seems that no members of CWAC were killed due to enemy action in the war. Why not use the opportunity to further explore the experience of the WACs during the war?
  • We’re happy that Vera and Marco are/were still together, though.
  • Vera was less self-conscious of her scar, didn’t wear her hair to cover it
  • Marco’s conflict with his family about enlisting
  • Gender switch of Marco saying goodbye to Vera, that he’ll wait for her


  • Newfound confidence!
  • Affected by the firefly bombing, feels like she has blood on her hands
  • She wants to sing!


  • Poor post-prison, boxing Betty
  • Donald’s lucky that his face didn’t get smashed in.  Kris would’ve let Betty hit him.
  • Betty got her house!!

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Track Title: Gladys -- Episode 2

Artist: The Bomb Girls Beacon

Album: The Bomb Girls Beacon


Gladys — Episode 2

Gladys Witham is introduced as the rich girl trying to prove herself, but she quickly proves to be the heart of “Bomb Girls.”  We discuss Gladys’ relationships with her family, friends, and love interests.

Gladys in Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy

Drink Special: Kir Royal

Creme de Cassis

Our extremely astute friend Sally says: “[Gladys represents] class stratification during that time period. Before the war things were pretty rigid and the upper class didn’t mix much with the working class. As well, women had very strict roles that they were expected to fulfill and conform to - especially upper-class women. Gladys shows that when she is adept at hostessing a dinner party that her father needs her to attend - she sparkles, she makes conversation, puts the guests as ease, asks them about themselves - high society women were expected to help their families/husbands in business not by having business sense or intelligence, but by having social skills. Most business, after all, is based on personal connections and personal relationships.”

The Rich Girl

  • Comes from privilege, but doesn’t want it
  • Non-idle rich — sets her at odds with both her family and her co-workers
  • “You move well between worlds.” - Clifford Perry


  • Strained relationship with her mother (who has never recovered from the loss of her son, Lawrence)
  • Her father says to her: “You’re an attractive girl with an equally attractive income for the man who marries you.”


  • Gladys is an idealist who keeps getting reality checks (but doesn’t let them stop her)
  • Hat box for suggestions
  • Collecting money for the Red Cross
  • Arranges for Marco and his mother to see Marco’s father at Pedawawa
  • Stands up for herself
  • Stands up for her friends, as with Kate & Betty in 2.12

Romantic Relationships

We don’t understand Gladys’ romantic decisions.

  • James Dunn — The only one of Gladys’ relationships that totally makes sense to us.  He seemed to have a pretty progressive attitude, which is really the only way he’d be able to keep up with Gladys.
  • Gene Corbett — Why??  Is it for the sense of adventure?
  • Clifford Perry — Why???

Random Thoughts

  • We want more Kai Low!  That was the beginning of an interesting friendship.

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"Will you still need me?"

Track Title: Lorna -- Episode 1

Artist: The Bomb Girls Beacon

Album: The Bomb Girls Beacon


Lorna — Episode 1

Lorna Corbett is the group mother of Bomb Girls, looking after her girls on the blue shift.  We discuss her roles as wife, mother, and floor matron at Vic Mu, and how her prejudices and knee-jerk reactions affect them.

Lorna in Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy

Drink Special: Old Fashioned

  • 1 oz. gin
  • 1 sugar cube
  • 2 dashes angostura bitters
  • 1 splash soda water

Floor Matron/Group Mother

  • Sally says: “as the floor matron (what a job description!) and the married mother of adult children, Lorna is sort of both the voice of traditional societal mores as she watches her girls, and living out her own sort of liberation from her confining life.”
  • Supports Betty after she gets beat up (2x08)
  • In the second season finale, tries to get rid of the letter Kate’s father sent and regrets that she hadn’t done it sooner

Wife and Mother

- Storyline with Bob

  • Implication that Lorna’s been working for awhile
  • Festering mutual resentment that starts to heal in the second season

- Storyline with Gene

  • Knee-jerk denial of his PTSD

Queen of Knee-Jerk Reactions

  • Consistently resists unexpected developments or things she perceives as different, but often comes around after gaining some understanding
  • Xenophobia — Marco, Dr. Patel
  • Blood drive


- Hostility toward Gladys/Relationship with Gladys

  • Trying to use her positive pregnancy test to get Gladys fired
  • “People like Withams use people like us.” - to Gene
  • (Both of those have to do with Adele Witham, though.)
  • However, she delivers the note about James and comforts Gladys
  • Also, in the finale, she grabs Gladys: “Betty and Kate.  They’re in terrible trouble and I don’t know how to fix it.”

Affair with Marco

  • Stephanie had trouble buying the affair on first viewing because Lorna was so prejudiced against Italians.
  • Do we think Lorna was always attracted to Marco and that’s partially why she was so hostile toward him?

Random Thoughts

  • “Let me … cook … for you.” — how Lorna “seduces” the guy to install a phone.
  • “He’s a man who hates us.” — about the detective in 2x12, but sounds like Lorna’s faced it before

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